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    Eigene Symbole

    Der Pfad muss stimmen unter Linux setzt man environment variablen so:


    Install + php

    For php: bad docs, unmaintained?
    newer: aptitude install libgv-php5, see grapgviz page:
    load the lin in php.ini ""
    gv.3pgp needs "Then the 'enable_dl' setting in the php.ini needed"
    Of course install Graphviz.

    An example using gv.3php

    $myGraph = gv::digraph("myGraph");
    //adding nodes
    $n1 = gv::node ($myGraph, 'a nodes name 1');
    $n2 = gv::node ($myGraph, 'a nodes name 2');
    $n4 = gv::node ($myGraph, 'a nodes name 3');
    $n5 = gv::node ($myGraph, 'a nodes name 4');
    //adding connetcions
    gv::edge ($n1, $n2);
    gv::edge ($n2, $n4);
    gv::edge ($n4, $n5);
    gv::layout ($myGraph, 'neato');
    //saving the image
    gv::render ($myGraph, "png", "ggg.png");

    Example using the pear graphviz package

    require_once 'Image/GraphViz.php';
    $gv = new Image_GraphViz();
    $gv->addEdge(array('wake up'        => 'visit bathroom'));
    $gv->addEdge(array('visit bathroom' => 'make coffee'));
    //directly outputs to browser
    //save the PNG image data to a temporary PNG file
    $file = fopen("test.png", "wb");
    $raw_data = $gv->fetch('png');
    fwrite ($file, $raw_data);

    Directly using console (notrecommended in this way)

    $data = '
     main -> parse -> execute
     main -> init
     main -> cleanup
     execute -> make_string
     execute -> printf
     init -> make_string
     main -> printf
     execute -> compare
    $data_str = str_replace(" ","", $data);
    echo exec('echo "digraph G {' . $data_str . '}" | dot -Tpng >Yhello.png');

    Graphviz attributes

    Hover effekt auf SVG

    Js libs/tools

    Use in php test


    echo "digraph G {Hello->World}" | dot -Tpng >hello.png

    Probleme mit drupal render()

    Ganz toll ....