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AltGr+\ Zoom in on Objekt



Videos Shortcuts: View Management/UI customisation: Camera: Camera: ttps:// Settings Ich habe kein Numpad also: File menu > User Preferences > Input section, enable emulated numpad Shortcuts N: Open Property Window Strg+Alt+Q: Quad View....Ansicht mit vier Fenstern Tab: Start or Quit Edit mode str+a: apply menü...scale etc. Camera Press 0 for Camera RR: free move R: rotate Tutorials Into:

Text zu Mesh

Dissolve..making quads Remove Doubles Remesh Modifier

Seperate Meshes, example converted Text

add extrusion / bevel Alt+C > mesh from text go edit mode > select all W key > remove doubles P key > separate by loose parts

Fractal Probleme 1.) Remesh 2.) Scale BIG! Fractal uses boolean magic. 3.) Try Triangulate. STrg+t in edit mode (tab) with all selected str+a apply scale, transformations


Apply Material to multiple Objects Apply the material to one of your objects. select all the other objects. Make sure that the initial object you gave the material to is active. Ctrl+L to bring up the links menu. Choose Materials.

Rigid Body AWESOME VIDEO TEXT Explosion mit Ridgit Bodys und Force Fields Text Explosion Animation Infos Rigid Body Objekt auf animated setzen, nur so bleibt es stabil. Sonst zerfällt es schon vor der kollision. Kurz vor der Kollision animated aus keyframen.

Tips & Tricks Object Fonts

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